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Over the last five years, accident reports both in the Republic of Ireland and the UK show that over 60 employees were killed and 5000 seriously injured in haulage and distribution - simply doing their job. Another 23 000 suffered injuries severe enough to keep them off work more than three days. These figures take no account of work-related ill health, for example from bad backs or stress.   This represents a higher rate of accidents to employees than either construction or agriculture, both widely regarded as hazardous industries.   A lot of these accidents and injuries could have been avoided by adequate training in the workplace.

Almost all deaths and injuries arise from just four kinds of accident, most often during loading and unloading or maintenance of vehicles: 

■  being struck by a moving vehicle

■  falling loads

■  falls from vehicles

■  collapsing or overturning vehicles

Issues such as use of handbrakes, safe positioning of drivers during loading and unloading with fork-lift trucks, propping of vehicles during repair work and climbing up on vehicles have to be tackled. 

Underground Studios work with your training expert to put together a comprehensive training video for all new and existing employees.  Typical training modules for staff can include:

■ understanding drivers hours, working time and tacograph recording
■ daily walk around checks, defect report and safe loading
■ health and safety awareness for goods drivers, fuel efficient driving and safety on the road
■ emergency First Aid at work
■ record keeping
■ customer care


Poor training may result in action from HSA or local authorities. Transport risks, falls from height and manual handling are all priority areas for enforcing authorities, and all are common causes of accidents in road haulage. Heavy fines can be imposed for breaches of the Health and Safety , with unlimited fines and imprisonment possible if cases are heard in higher courts. Directors and managers can face prosecution as individuals if their acts or omissions led to the offence. 

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