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Actors can play a large part at many video productions.  They’re used to bring scenes to life and to add credibility to your message.  Some uses of actors are obvious. For example where you need dramatic situations such as:

  • Re-enactments of a health and safety incident
  • Re-enactments of a selling situation or a customer demonstration
  • Demonstrating interpersonal skils

When you’re making a promotional video you can  use your own people or you can use a mix of actors, or just use all actors.   Whatever your decision, Underground Studios work with some of the best actors in the country.  All of our actors work full time in the entertainment industry.  They are all professionals that have enormous amounts of experience in both television and film

Directly opposite is a promotional video shot by Underground Studios for Victor Treacy International.  Our brief was to create a dramatisation with a little bit of humour to introduce the new Victor Treacy online booking app for iPhones and Androids.  The video was to be used on the home page of the Victor Treacy website.

You may recognise some of our actors from various different commercials on Irish television such as Eircom, Easons & VHI

Presenters & Green Screens

Underground Studios also use a number of professional presenters for our productions.  Many corporate vidoes can benefit from using a presenter because you have a professional who can helpyou explain exactly what your company is all about.  They can tell your story in a way that audiences will relate to.  There are so many advantages to using a presenter:

  • A presenter can summarise sections of your video for you. f
  • They provide a personality for your video, and anchor the different segments of your video together.
  • Presenters can add real emotion to a video.  They can help make the audience understand your corporate message
  • The presenter is the face of your organisation. 

Underground Studios have showreels of all our presenters available to you, and will help you choose the right one to reprsent your company.

We also use the latest green screen technologies in our studios to make your corporate video even more impressive.   Basically the pure green background is replaced with whatever background image you want.  Presenters and green screen technology combined can make really add that magic touch to your company video.

Voice Over Artists

Probably one of the most important artists for your corporate video is your voice over artist.  They are the voice for your company, so it's important that you pick the right one.  Underground Studios work with literally hundreds of professional voice over artists.   Many of our voice over artists have worked extensively in television and radio for RTE, BBC, Sky, and TG4 to name but a few.

Underground Studios will present you with a number of different voice over reels so you can hear and select in advance, the artist that you feel would represent your company the best.

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