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Underground Studios

Corporate Video For The Freight Industry

You do great work.  Your customers are happy.  They’re more than willing to recommend you to others, but maybe the opportunity never arises.  Producing a Customer Testimonial Video has the unique effect of reinforcing existing relationships – both by your business recognizing and appreciating its best customers, and by the customers themselves going through the process of crystalizing and expressing what it is specifically that they love about what you do.  It’s a great experience for everyone involved.

Underground Studios uses compact, lightweight equipment that allows for a quick setup and non intimidating environment.  We use tested interview techniques and a non intimidating environment.  We use tested techniques and a unique lightweight production process to make the customer testimonial video production process fast and painless for your volunteers, ensuring that your existing relationships are preserved (even enhanced) while building trust with new prospects.

To give you an example of how a customer testimonial can look, take a look at the video directly opposite.  This is a customer testimonial Underground Studios created for the Killarney Convention Centre.

Click here to make an appointment with an Underground Studios representative who will call to your office to speak further to you on customer testimonials.

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