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Underground Studios

Corporate Video For The Freight Industry

At Underground Studios no one knows better then us, how competitive the freight market is. We are out in the field every day so we know what it is like. We know what it is like to try and secure that vital contract with your potential customer. From a big contract with a meat supplier to a massive contract with a pharmaceutical company, a video tender can seriously enhance your chances of securing that deal. Here’s what a video tender can tell your potential client:

  • Why your company’s logistic solutions beats all others hands down
  • Demonstrate visibly how your organisation is aligned with your customer’s needs and objectives
  • Prove the claims you make about your scope and capability
  • Show the size of your fleet and how it can manage your customers cargo safely and efficiently

Whatever points the deal may hang on, a video tender will make a bigger more lasting impression than just your run of the mill Powerpoint presentation.

How’s it done?


  • We start by findin
  • We research you – and your client – and your competitors.
  • We study the job.
  • We identify the key points in your tender that we both agree are the key differentiators.


  • We use our script-writing skills to make your message stand out in clear relief from the crowd.
  • We use the language of your industry, and all the subtleties and nuances your customer will expect
  • We show them a clear path to an easy decision
  • We invite you to sign-off and approve the script only when you think it’s arguably one of the best pieces you’ve ever seen written about your company.


  • We pay as much attention to this as any frontline production.
  • Your video can comprise existing footage, new footage, video library clips, stills & graphics, plus our skill in combining everything into a single coherent visual whole.
  • We back it up with top professional voiceover, or interviews, as required.
  • We master this with up to top quality music tracks, carefully selected to exactly match the mood of your aspirations at that point in the video.
  • All of this is carefully documented as a visual storyboard in advance, so you can see exactly how we intend to project your message.
  • We give you a “book of the movie”.


Delivery is by high quality mp4 and wmv for laptop and powerpoint playback. You can also display your video tender on iPads and iPhones

Click here to have one of our team to call to your office and discuss Video Tenders in more detail with you.

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